Signs of a pyramiding scheme

One of the toughest challenges of being a network marketer is attempting to recruit other people to join your team. The main reason why it is so difficult is that of the tainted image the multi-level marketing has accumulated over the years. The sad thing about it is that there are legit companies under this business model who work competently, the vasayo scam are formulated by those random people who seek to horde as much money as they can before they run away. Here are some of the signs that show your company is a pyramiding scheme.  

 pyramiding scheme

The first sign will be low-quality products, and not just regarding effectivity, but overall it is just a product for the sake of saying they have a product. However, the truth is that the product probably does not affect people because of the low-quality ingredients that were used for fabrication. Also, they do not give much importance to the mass production of the products; there will be a lot of instances when you want to move items, only to find there is hardly any stock left. You will also notice that it takes them a long time until they restock with products because of the lack of a system that is present in the company.  

The second sign is that the uplines talk highly about the products, there isn’t anything wrong with marketing your product. However, the intensity of marketing is too much; it is as if they are relying on purely verbal marketing to sell the product, but you will notice that they will never offer free product testing, or even try out the product In front of the clients. The worst thing about this is that they are fooling the clients to purchase a product that doesn’t work.  

A legit multi-level marketing company will always be transparent with their workers, and the incoming new employees. You will notice that they will hold presentations for the newbies, and in that presentation, they will find a lot of rich information about how the company was built from top to bottom, and who are the people involved in establishing that specific company. If it is a pyramiding scheme, then the up lines of that company will not have a detailed presentation to offer, rather they will have a very vague talk about how multi-level marketing works, and how you can make money.  

Multi-level marketing on its own is a legit business that has a proper system that employees can follow to generate income properly. However, the reality is there numerous companies that do not share the same values of those legit companies, and you must be aware and knowledgeable about what makes a particular MLM company a pyramiding scheme. If you can avoid joining these groups, you will save yourself a tainted social image, as well as a lot of money saved at the same time.  

Next time that you are being invited to join a business, you don’t have to say no right away. Rather you can go to the meeting, and figure out yourself if the company is legitimate one or just another pyramiding scheme.